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Send sound to Surround Sound w/ HDMI for PS3?


I just hooked up my fiance’s PS3 to our Mitsubishi 73″ Diamond DLP TV via an HDMI cable. The picture is great, but we NEVER use the speakers on the TV because they suck(You’d think for such an expensive TV they’d be better), so we have all of our sound (for all of our components-HDDVD, Xbox360, Cable Box) output through our Panasonic surround sound using regular Audio cables-because our surround sound does not have an input for Optical Audio. How can I hook up normal (red/white) audio cables to the Surround Sound? Can I use the one provided with the PS3, and have the the HDMI in use as well? I hope I’m not S.O.L. Is there a way I can bypass the audio, and hook up an optical input to my cable box or something like that?

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  1. In the PS3 audio options you can choose a separate output. Just set the audio to go through the regular red/white audio cables that came with the PS3 and the video to go through HDMI (set that in the video options, which I assume you already did).

    As the other poster said, you could also run audio out of your TV as long as it has an audio output, which I’m sure it does. This will make it easier to connect sound to your system as well, since you can plug everything into your tv and just have 2 cables running from your TV to your surround sound.

  2. Hook up the ‘audio out’ from your TV to the ‘audio in’ on the surround system. Then just choose that input on surround and HDMI audio on the PS3- and turn the TV all the way down. 🙂

  3. I have the same situation but with the Xbox 360 Special Edition. What I did was that I hooked up the HDMI cable from the xbox to my plasma tv, then bought a second cable which is for the surround and use that one for the surround sound. So I’m using both and is working for me. Can’t remember the outputs from the back of the PS3 but, if you had a optical it would be much better. (ex HDMI = Video, Optical = Audio)

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