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Game of Thrones: Episode 1 – Iron from Ice Review


Telltale kicks its new series off to a strong start with likable original characters and tough decisions.

Game of Thrones: Episode 1 - Iron from Ice Review


  1. …Pff, hahahahahahahaha!!! The game is literally the same thing as The Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us, Tales of the Borderlands! Yet no one cares. IGN should review books rather than games.

  2. on what seasons thas the game based on. i am watching the tv series and i just started season 5 and i dont want any spoilers from the game. so if i will play the game will i have any spoilers please answer as fast as you cant

  3. I've never read the book, nor watched the show. Even though i played this episode and seemed to like it, should i buy the rest?

  4. 1 more thing I must say about Telltale games. I love the shows they do in terms of Walking Dead and thrones etc. I would go as far to say that they are even better than the shows. Simply because you feel part of the story and get to see those familiar faces. When I see Tyrien I was so bloody excited man. The scripting and directing of these games is bloody outstanding. I prey you release more soon. Also please I beg you get more walking dead out soon. That blew my mind

  5. My review
    Hey guys I'm 32 and a game fanatic. Not gonna lie I wasn't interested remotely in Telltale games and got the package with all of them.

    Now I will tell you that overnight this games developer has earned my love and respect. I cannot physically praise this enough. For those like me who didn't know about them it's this simple. They are basically movies and you decide the outcome. The walking dead was 10/10 and now I'm on Game Of Thrones. With all the original voice actors and all that you expect it's just excellent. I will purchase everything they release. Your decisions decide the fate of the story and I gotta say its heart breaking at points.

    Telltale devs I salute you and cannot wait for more. Legends.

  6. I'm NOT buying no more of their games, GOT is crap Life is strange is a better game & at least all the episodes are on the disc.

  7. + Almost a good story
    +They tried to do an interesting art style
    + Captures the best parts of the books and show – war debates
    + Facial animations is an improvement over some of their other games – more subtle and not so cartoony
    + You actually think about the choices you make

    – The only fun gameplay element – the choices – don't matter and makes you feel manipulated.
    – The story unfolds in one way and one way only
    – It runs like crap and the engine they insist to use is old and glitchy
    – Only one of the characters you take control of is somewhat interesting
    – Your choices have no consequences
    – Slow time events which are painful to sit through
    – The character models of people from the show look terrible, especially Tyrell and Ramsay
    – There aren't different pathways to take = no replay value
    – The choices are illusions
    – Your choices don't matter
    – They didn't try to make the choices have an effect on the story
    – The choices feel unnecessary because they don't change anything.

  8. So is this game a single storyline, that you simply fail by taking the wrong decision, or are there many possible scenario's?

  9. My god, it's ugly! Possibly the worst graphics of any game of the last 5 years or so.

    Oh well, at least episode 1is free to play on PSN right now. And I doubt I need to play any further installments.

  10. They should just make A Song of Ice and Fire created by Bethesda. Elder scrolls series and GOT are one in the same.

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