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Can you play other people on the PS3 like on Xbox Live or No? 10PTS.!!?


Also Whats the diffrence between the PS3’s now and the ones coming out in April?
OK Well Which one’s better overall and can you please tell me why? Thanx
Update 2:
So Your telling me If I buy a PS3 today, Wen the one’s in April come out I wont be able to have PLay Station Home on mines.

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  1. theyre supposed to be skinnier and the word on the street is that the new ones are supposed to be where you can play other people with different game systems.so idk,thats what ive been told.

    but to answer your question you cant play against other people.(i tried.lol)

  2. yes, you need a playstation network account

    games like madden 08 and motorstorm do online play

    the ps3’s no difference

    it will also get home which is kind of like sims

  3. ya of course. once you hook it up to the internet. 360 is better tho haha. prob not much of a difference at all. check out the playstation website it will tell u all the details!

  4. Yes it’s called PSN and it’s great Free, and you can play against people or with people from alll over the world with no LAG.

    April ps3 is coming out with network service called HOME. You create your own avatars and can create your own apartments and have trophie cases for your online and offline trophies. It will have online Movie theatres where you can have your avatar go into a theatre and stream a movie right to your big hd screen tv in real life. It’s kinda like the Sims meet Second Life and leave xbox live behind.

    Sony is also releasing Play TV where your ps3 becomes a dvdr or tivo and you can record your favorite shows etc.

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