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Do you think the Playstation Vita will be popular?


I just bought one, and judging by the amount of people that have one, and the amount of games, i think that i might have made a mistake. Is it just because it’s new?


  1. The 3DS also had a slow start in the beginning. But in Japan the 3DS is a lot more popular than the Vita is. I don’t expect the Vita to sell as well as the 3DS, but it should do fairly well. Smartphones and tablets are taking a lot of the entertainment sales away from the portables like the Vita and 3DS.

    I’d say if you’re into handhelds, keep it for awhile. You might find games you like on it, and you might think it was worth the purchase. The Vita is capable of a lot and it has a decent selection of games out right now, as well as the ones on the PS Store.

  2. The 3DS was slow to really catch on too. The Vita had a strong initial release though, so it’ll probably get stronger once it has a decent library.

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