Home Xbox Forum does my xbox 360 have the red ring of death?

does my xbox 360 have the red ring of death?


it is standing up

the first and 3rd and 4th light are flashing red
its the one priced in the middle

that comes with a hard drive

some times i can deattach the hard drive and reattach it and it will work

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  1. My 360 had the red rings of death aswell. Luckly microsoft extended warranties on 360’s like this to 3 years so call the support line (1800-4MYXBOX) and they will set everything up so all you have to do is put your 360 in a box and it should be fixed within 3-5 weeks with no charge.

  2. Yes. Time to pack it up and send it to microsoft. Go to xbox.com, and you’ll see information on what you need to do, who you need to call and so on to return it to microsoft. They’ll repair it at no charge, they’ll send you a packing box and everything so you dont’ have to pay for shipping either. It will however, take about 3-5 weeks before you get it back. Sucks man.that’s why i dumped my xbox and got a ps3 instead.no hardware problems 🙂

  3. Don’t buy a ps3 or Wii. Did you buy the Core system? (The cheaper one) If you don’t know, check if the disk tray lining is silver, or pure white. If its pure white, thats the Core system, and its cheaper, and usually breaks. If you just got it, its still under warranty. AND, if you got it from Best Buy, you can drive it back up their, and replace it free of charge. Some 360 Core models do that every once in a while. But if you go with the expensive model, that has everything, you shouldn’t have a problem. IF you didn’t get it form best buy, call Xbox and have them send you a box to send it in the mail to them, because they need to fix it.

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