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Heavy Rain – PS3 Original vs. PS4 Remaster Graphics Comparison


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We compare the graphics of Heavy Rain original on PS3 with the remaster on PS4 – the game is part of the Heavy Rain & Beyond Two Souls Collection that bring those interactive mixtures between movies and video games from PS3 to PS4. The difference is very subtle but some textures, lighting, anti-aliasing and overall resolution have been improved. Characters and their faces look more vivid and detailed, the flickering is gone.
Wir vergleichen die Grafik von Heavy Rain im Original auf der PS3 mit der Remastered Version auf der PS4 – das Spiel ist Teil der Heavy Rain und Beyond Two Souls Collection die diese beiden interaktiven Mischungen aus Film und Computerspiel von der PS3 auf die PS4 bringt. Die Unterschiede sind sehr subtil, alles in allem wurden neben der Auflösung auch viele Texturen, Beleuchtung und Kantenglättung optimiert. Charaktere und ihre Gesichter wirken lebendiger und detaillierter, Kantenflimmern ist passé.

Captured with Elgato GameCapture HD60 Pro, Nvidia ShadowPlay

Music: Heavy Rain Original Soundtrack – Ethan Mars Main Theme

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Heavy Rain – PS3 Original vs. PS4 Remaster Graphics Comparison

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  1. PS3 version has better lighting and atmosphere. PS4 much better aliasing and textures. overall prefer PS3 version personally

  2. why the desaturation? was a different video format setting used between ps3/ps4 or is this really how the game looks?

  3. i didnt play this game on ps3 to be honest !! i searched all over the internet if there is a ps4 port, after that i saw this video and there is no much diffrence in graphics !! i kind wanted to buy and the other part of me didnt want to buy,but at last i bought it and ohh maan ,, the best game i have ever played ! the storyline about his son till the end !! im so glad that i bought this game !! a masterpiece i swear to god

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