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How Can I Get Free MicroSoft Points?


No Surveys AT ALL, i cant stress that enough. 😛

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  1. this is kind of a trick

    call xbox

    say: i bought three microsoft point cards 1600 and it is invalid code

    They’ll ask for all info of gamer tag say it all real

    then they’ll ask for codes

    give them these codes

    1st 1600 points:PR367-26Q4V-GX7CF-RWDTP-PY3MX

    2nd 1600 points:QTGP7-RDPDH-GF8HV-336W3-39VYW

    3 rd 1600 points:KK3Q6-BGDMD-GBTB6-V7XD4-RC4TJ

    these are used codes with a twist

    they’ll say its all invalid

    tell them to escalate it

    then tell them to send you an email or phone call with the new codes


    ask for both your phone and email tell them both and make sure it real and you can assess it

    then before 9pm tommorow you’ll get a call or an email with new codes

  2. one slow, but easy is to sign up for bing rewards(google it) you will see how you get points by searching with bing, and when you get enough, one of the rewards is 400 ms points for 500 bing rewards points. you get 1 credit for every 2 searches, 8 per day. also, every few days there are special featured websites, and all you have to do is click on the link to the site for a few extra points, usually there will be 3 of thee at a time. it is easy because you dont have to search for anything special, you can type in random letters for the credits.


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