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how to record a video with xbox 360 vision webcam?


so i just got one of those xbox 360 cameras that can also be used on your computer. i have windows 7 on my computer btw. it works when i go on video chat on msn/windows live. but i can’t find anything thats like photo booth or some program like that where i can take pictures and/or record videos.

i don’t think it’s even supposed to work on windows 7 because that’s what it says on the site.so is there some program that i have to download to do this.and iif so where can i get a SAFE version/download. (my last computer was ruined due to a virus so now i am extremely careful)

thank you 🙂

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  1. You can just download any free webcam program and it will recognize your cam and then you can take pics and/or videos. Just go to download.com or google and search for any one. If you are worried about virus’s just download free AVG antivirus and you’ll be protected.

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