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My Ps3 wont sign in and freezes all the time?


I have had my ps3 for about 2 years now, has worked fine, but now it seems to have this really weak connection with my home router. My computer seems to have a strong good connection and internet on that is really fast. My Ps3 now has more sign-in errors than ever. Even when i turn my router off over night and turn it back on in the morning, it doesn’t get any stronger. Should I get my ps3 checked? Or how can I fix this for free? As well, i downloaded the black ops 2 revolution map pack and i can play die rise perfect but when I try to play turned, it freezes on load up. Yes I’ve deleted my messages and even some data from games I don’t play anymore which was about 10gb. My main concern though is the internet. please help

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  1. this problem can depend on alot of factors: #1 distance between ps3 and router ( density of walls can effect it) #2 other devices on the internet, PCs will most time use the most internet, so it will have a better connection, try to only have your ps3 connected #3 possibly the wifi card has been damaged, so either bring it in to repair shop or get a wired connection for your ps3, hope i helped

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