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Nacon Revolution Pro PS4 Controller REVIEW | Everything You NEED To Know!



The Nacon Revolution Pro Controller has dropped and it’s a beauty. Come and see how all its buttons work and take a look at this controller’s excellent features.


Q. When is it out?
A. 23rd December for the UK at GAME retailers, other territories are TBC.

Q. Does the controller turn on the console?
A. No.

Q. Is the Light Ring customisable?
A. Blue is mode one, Red is mode 2. You can’t alter the colour beyond that.

Q. When is it out!?
A. All we know is, “coming this holiday season” so VERY SOON.

Q. How much is it?
A. I paid £90, so expect US to be “around” 0.

Q. What is the warranty?
A. Two years.

Q. Is it wired?
A. Yes. Wired only.

Q. How long is the cable?
A. It’s 3 metres (just a little under 10 feet).

Q. Will it work with PC?
A. Not without 3rd party software, its intended use is for PS4.

Q. Will it work with PS3?
A. Yes it does, except the ps home button doesnt work. But its fine for gaming on

Q. Can you turn the light ring off?
A. Yes you can.

Q. Does it have a built in speaker?
A. No it doesn’t.

Q. Where can I buy it?
A. It will be available in most retailers soon. USA not until next year.

Q. Does it have Six-Axis?
A. Yes it has motion control.

Q. Does the controller have trigger stops?
A. No but you can alter the trigger responsiveness (dead zone)with the companion app.

GameGazm TV are:
Brendan Toy: Editor/Presenter
Dan Morris: Editor/Presenter

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Nacon Revolution Pro PS4 Controller REVIEW | Everything You NEED To Know!

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  1. Is the height of the joystick about the same of regular ds4 with a control freek on top? And if it isn't, can i put one on if i wanted? Thanks for any info

  2. So you can't turn on the PS4 with the Controller?? that's kinda stupid. But can you use the PS4 Pro controller with the regular PS4??

  3. great review thank you! have you tested the razer ps4 controller? would love to know how they match up!

  4. I've been wanting to pick up a pro controller for some time now since I first came across the SCUF controllers. Have you had the chance to compare the Nacon to the SCUF yet? Any advice would be appreciated. I have played most of my FPS on Xbox 360, but I've decided on staying with PS3/PS4 now with games like Overwatch, Destiny, and the Division. Thanks

  5. Are the buttons on the back useless if you dont have a pc at home? I ordered one but i assumed a pc wasn't manditory to use the buttons on the back…

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