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PlayStation 3 – 60GB PS3 is discontinued on usa?



  1. the 60 gig U.S. version was discontinued last year. THe 40 gig and 80 gig are the only two out now. THe 40gig no ps2 games the 80 gig yes to most ps2 games.

  2. The 60gb and 20gb PS3’s have been discontinued worldwide.

    The only models available now are the 40gb and the 80gb.

    There is no plans for another model. The next PS3 SKU will probably be a slim version in a few years. The 120gb PS3 was just rumor and speculation brought about by the temporary discontinuation of the 80gb Motorstorm bundle. The 80gb is being re-released tomorrow with the MGS4 bundle.

  3. The 60GB is discontiuned everywhere, as is the 20GB. The 40GB is still in production, and the 80GB is available as part of the MGS4 bundle (it’s currently unknown whether or not it will go back into regular production after MGS4 ships. there are rumors Sony is phasing it out in preparation for a 120GB version, but that’s not confirmed).

  4. 60gb is no longer in production and is discontinued so far as i am aware world wide. but most certainly it is at the very least for north america.

    it has been for quite some time, although some stores do still have new stock as they have refused to lower there prices on it, or not enough, and people can get the newer 40gb or 80gb versions same price or cheaper.

    you can still aquire any used that are still working.

    40gb has no backwards compatibility with ps2. 80gb does but it is software only which isnt quite as good as hardware. 60gb does via hardware which is the best backwards compatibility you can get. i wouldnt judge a system by its harddrive size anyways. just by its separate features as the hard drives are user replacable in the ps3’s.

    personally if i was able to still get my hands on one of the older 60gb models new in box, i would get it. if not then the 80gb version.

  5. Sony discontinued production of the Japanese and North American 60GB model roughly a year ago. Only the 40GB and 80GB models are still made for those regions.

  6. I don’t think so? I thought only the 20GB was discontinued.

    You should go with the 80GB, though. The only advantage to the 60GB is that it is guaranteed to play ps2 and ps1 games over the 80GB.

    They say some won’t play, but so far on my 80GB I have been able to play 100% of about the 10 PS1 and PS2 games I’ve tried.

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