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Who’s mad about paying for online play on ps4?


With the economy already messed up, I’m supposed to pay $400 for the ps4, $35 a month for Internet, and now $50 a year for online. Better yet, who’s not playing online until either they change it or just not play? Atleast Xbox cares about hackers and mobbing online and doing something about it while Sony doesn’t do anything and it can well just happen on the ps4 like it happens on the ps3.

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  1. you speak so much crap its unbelievable,,

    sony does care about hackers,, thats why they insured every person for $1 million if there account got hacked and there credit card details was stolen and used,, microsoft tells you there is not a problem while there is,

    WOW you moan about paying $50 to play online on the ps4,, you get over $250 worth of free games from PS+ every year,

    and LOOK at the free games available this month and next (europe )

    Leaving PS Plus

    27th November: Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

    27th November: Jak and Daxter Trilogy

    27th November: MotorStorm RC

    27th November: Oddworld Strangers Wrath

    Entering PS Plus:

    29th November: RESOGUN

    29th November: Contrast

    27th November: GRID 2

    27th November: Guacamelee! (Cross Buy)

    27th November: Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed

    27th November: Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories

    and your moaning about a $50 a year, that $50 a year is a bargain,

  2. We knew it was going to happen eventually! The whole PS Plus thing was a way to ease in pay to play when the PS4 came out!

    Also keep mind by not making the PSN free, Sony wasn’t making money in that area and as a result, the PSN was quite buggy with random disconnects etc because it takes money to maintain servers!

  3. Why should I be mad? $50 a month and they give you multiple FREE GAMES worth $60 you get your money back, then some. They also fixed the hacking problem. Of will be harder to hack then Xbox live. It's also cheaper than Xbox live. If you are upset with all those benefits then don't even buy the console.

  4. They also made up for the PSN issue, including to people who were smart enough to not put any information on the server. Xbox “cares” because they use the money to maintain it. Also Xbox live DOES get hacked, so don’t fool yourself.

  5. If the economy is so messed up, why are you dropping 4 benjamins on a new console to begin with?

    The PS4, like any gaming console, is a LUXURY. If you have enough disposable income to buy one, then $50 extra a year is not a deal-breaker. Also, the PS Plus membership grants FREE games (1 free game a month on PS4), huge discounts on other games, 1GB cloud storage for saves (freeing up your hard drive), and some other little features.

    Microsoft has been charging for online play since the 360, and they require it to do ANYTHING online – at least Sony only prevents online multiplayer, you can still do other online activities without PS Plus.

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