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World Hunter hunting game PC from PSR Outdoors


World Hunter hunting game PC from PSR Outdoors


  1. As a old aspiring game developer i know how hard it is to make a game and i should give you or you guys kudos for releasing a game, so believe me that is not easy for me to say this, but i must be realistic on my critic and say that this game from the video and pictures IMO is in no way shape or form commercial worthy,yet at lest, why, because even for a indie game it looks way unpolished, the textures are bland, the levels look empty and lifeless, the models are way low poly and you can see how the self shadows look bad on them, is better to turn them off (like id software did on Doom3), the animations look stiff and robotic and more important for the gameplay the AI of the animals is very unrealistic, and the way they explode when you shoot them i'm sorry was a dumb idea, so this  "Experience high fidelity graphics, true to life game play, and realistic animal behaviors"  is not true at all, and if you guys want to gain customer trust saying obviously untrue statements on your Marketing will not help. If you guys want to be successful on this cut throat industry, you need to do better than this, there's a free hunting game out there that i recommend you guys to study. I'm not saying this to bring you or you guys down you did more than i ever did so be proud of that, but don't be content with what you are showing here.        

  2. I will admit that some of the things I'm used to in AAA titles don't exist here. After some experimenting with the settings the graphics looked really good. In settings the bump, parallax, high res textures, etc have to be turned on, they are not by default. The environments look realistic and it was fun hunting for the animals in the game. I got the free demo and then licensed it so I could play all of the levels. It is certainly different from the hunting games I've seen but very entertaining.

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