Home Videos Xbox One my home xbox/Digital game sharing explained!

Xbox One my home xbox/Digital game sharing explained!


Xbox One my home xbox/Digital game sharing explained!

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  1. Whoever has bo3 on PS4 I'm willing to trade a Xbox account that has 2k17, madden 17, UFC & UFC 2, dying light, gta v, Star Wars battle front and cod infinite warfare. I have proof! Will show you my purchase details.

  2. I am looking for Infinite Warfare/Modern Warfare Remastered, or Forza Horizon 3, i have alot of games so just ask me
    GT- SixthGlokage
    Kik- nlmb.hunway

  3. yo can i pay some 1 5-10 us dollars on paypal for a game share call of duty black ops pls?, why am I offering money cuz all my games r disks so i have nothing 2 gameshare

  4. Any one wonna game share I bave bf1 all the new games black ops 3 seasons pass and I have call duty infinite warfare need for speed 2k17 2k16 moderwarfare remastered black ops one ea access also I got overwatch and a lot more those are just the ones I remember

  5. when I had game shared the only way I am able to play the game is when I am signed in to the friend account n when he want to play it sign me out n it says check the store do u think I did something wrong please let me know so I could fix it

  6. Anyone wanna gameshare i have:
    Infinite warfare and modern warfare remastered
    Gta 5
    bo3 all dlc
    battlefield 1
    battlefield hardline
    battlefield 4
    mirrors edge catalyst
    rocket leauge
    destiny all dlc
    Nba 2k17
    fifa 17
    assassins creed unity and black flag
    Titanfall 1 and 2
    Gears of war 4
    fallout 4
    i want Rainbow six seige
    I go first ive been scammed 4 times (Fml)

  7. If I have someone's account as my home XBox and i want to have someone elses games as well will it remove my first friends games or will I be able to have both people's ganez

  8. Hey i have Halo MCC i want BO3 or IW
    I go first no exceptions
    Comment your GT if you want to gameshare

  9. all my games are on discs so my friend doesn't want to do the Xbox home sharing but he wants me to do it so I have his email and password but Xbox says that there can only be one Xbox home of the same account at a time so pls help me out

  10. Do I have to log in to his account and set it to my home xbox for him to be able to play my dig dl games ? He just got the xbox and has no games. I don't need any from him.

  11. if you switch to another home xbox will you still have the games you had on the other home xbox that you downloaded

  12. I have ark and some other games anyone want to gameshare? Idk what I want in particular just looking for new games

  13. Anybody wanna game share? I go first. I have the Division, Gears of War, Mine craft, and lots of others (161 titles) comment below your kik or gamertag and i will message you asap !!!

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