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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough – Part 1 – ENGLISH Opening – Let’s Play (Xbox 360 / PS3 Gameplay)


Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough - Part 1 - ENGLISH Opening - Let's Play (Xbox 360 / PS3 Gameplay)


  1. My final fantasy 13-2 game wont load up worlds properly it just stops in the historia crux or my game just stays on the world loading screen forever.. and my disc doesn't have any scratches, what can i do to fix this?

  2. I love how people blindly hate this game because it's a sequel to FF XIII, but it's admittedly a good game.

  3. Darn this game looks so weird to me in 16×9, all characters looks so squished compared 16×10 i play in. I mean I know it should be 16×9 but it looks way better when it's stretched to 16×10.

  4. Did he even play XIII or any other final fantasy for that matter like
    How do you not know bahamuts name or what Lightning was doing when "her heart turned into a rose"

  5. FFXIII was about 6 L'cie bound to a focus, and one L'cie hoping for the 6 to pull through. The 6 L'cie run from monsters, the army, and their brand, but it's no use. They slay Orphan and almost destroy their home. Two brave L'cie sacrafice their lives to stop Cocoon from crashing into Pulse, but countless lives are still lost. Those lives opened up a portal into the Unseen Realm, which pulled Lightning into Valhalla. Thus began FFXIII-2. Just for anyone who didnt know the story of the first part of this trilogy.

  6. Maybe I have a low attention span but the older FF's were so much easier and had much better story line with characters you could get attached to and relate to.

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