Home Playstation Games Mobile Suit Gundam Side Stories – Features Trailer (PS3)

Mobile Suit Gundam Side Stories – Features Trailer (PS3)


Mobile Suit Gundam Side Stories - Features Trailer (PS3)


  1. The game looks superb, exactly what I ever wanted out of a Gundam game – and I can't play it, oh, the irony

  2. I don't get it, I remember in the early 2000's, nearly every Gundam game made was localized for the US. I know because I bought them all. But now for some reason, no Gundam games make it across the Pacific. You have no idea how much I wanted to play Gundam SenSen 0079 for the Wii. It's Red Steel 2 with Gundam characters! How cool is that?!!

  3. Eh I can live with japanese subtitles I translated Gundam Assault Survive for the psp. Also did Another Centuries Episode Portable they don't have subs but im learning it through games and anime thankfully lol. Give it awhile and someone will come up with an english patch sooner or later.

  4. From what I understand, they're mercenaries that have been together since the One Year War. That's all I got out of that, though. That and Bandai hates its American audience for some unknown reason because this was never released in America (along with almost every other good Gundam game).

  5. Fate of human we don't know each other and always fight … Fight for what nothing we get also we lose all we love friend mom dad we need understand each other don't blame our self

  6. any1 else have Japanese gundams games but doesn't understand jack shit, but still plays it and make up the story as you go along? 

  7. Bandai should ask From Software to make an extremely detailed Gundam game with complexes gameplay for the PS4.

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