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Alien: Isolation Walkthrough Part 6 – Medical – Gameplay Review Let’s Play Xbox One


Alien: Isolation Walkthrough Part 6 - Medical - Gameplay Review Let's Play Xbox One


  1. So if I set a alarm off at the other end of the corridoor why would the alien come check out my room, is he an electrican

  2. Lol, no smoke bomb, no emp mine and now no pipe bomb. How do you get through this game? Unless the game gives them to you somewhere else, idk, you've been so effn lucky in this game so far, lol.

  3. Yay! Finally a Youtuber who treats this brilliant game with the respect it deserves 😀 +1 sub :3
    In all cereal, Iam SO tired of Youtubers playing this game for the cash, rather than for the joy

    (although i wish you would play on medium or hard 😉

  4. I love how he's freaking out at the xenomorph….on easy…..head lamp on, constant scanner….. I'm on this mission, 2nd hour, deaths in the teens or twenties…

  5. you must be playing on easy lol (if you are playing on hard then that was a boss run) i just completed the game on hard mode as my first play through and this part was horrible lol… (i didnt get the achievement for dying 100 times though so i must have been doing something right lol)

  6. Alien seems pretty forgiving compared to other stuff I've seen.

    They could of added so many clever abilities to it.

  7. You had me laughing so hysterical. I know the feeling. I just tried to hide in a locker but ran to it instead of calming walking & that giant battered sniffed me out. Thankfully I'm a save hound & didn't lose much time.

  8. Bah, was hoping for some gore when the Xeno killed the doctor, but no it had to pull him into the darkness.

  9. I love watching these even though they scare me crapless! The only thing bringing me back over and over again is bcuz of u Mz. Ur hilarious and I feel like I'm in the game. Awesome stuff ^_^

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