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Championship Sprint PlayStation 3 Trailer – Trailer


Championship Sprint PlayStation 3 Trailer - Trailer

This is a review of Championship Sprint. Currently available to download on the PS3’s PSN.

Championship Sprint PSN Review


  1. i used to play this when i was a kid in the arcade fun times spending all of my allowance fun times

  2. @DEIVION212 Not always, quite often the bottom screen is just a map/buttons. For example SF4 or Nintendogs

  3. Which on a system with 2 screens is pretty pointless.

    Listen, I've tried ever which way and because they didn't include something Sony gave to the PSP years ago, it can't be done.

  4. @DEIVION212 Dude I found a good way to record it although you have to set the 3ds down on a table. but basically. set it down and tilt the screen so it's at 90 degrees and then place your camera on the table in from of it. Little awkward to play but it works. Although you only get the top screen X-D

  5. Again, tried it, it doesn't work. I can only assume those sites that are doing that are wearing camera's as in a tie camera.

  6. Yup.

    Got it at launch.

    Can't review before you ask as there's no video output and I've tried over the shoulder camera recording and it doesn't work.

  7. I don't think this title is available in N. America. I haven't seen this in the PSN store. I wish it were, I like this game. I remember spending countless hours playing Super Sprint on the old NES.

  8. I've tried the link several times and everytime it redirects me to regular youtube. Tried on it's own, with w's, with ht's etc… and then by going onto a different vid and just replacing the code after "watch" and still nothing.

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