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Foxxy Reviews: Air Conflicts Secret Wars


Foxxy Reviews: Air Conflicts Secret Wars


  1. / Can you please do a review of ( Secret Weapons Over Normandy ) ? I know it was made back in like 2003 bit I have not found a game that has came even close to the level of detail it had . It showed real footage of ww2 in cutscenes .you also had your own hanger . you could land and take off there was a ton of customization detail on the aircraft. just please pleasr give it some thot bro . it is old now but way ahead of its time . i love it and if you could do a vid of it i think so many people would give it a chance that were maybe to young when it came out . anyway thanks for your time bro . just thot i would throw the idea out there to ya. keep on gaming bro….

  2. I think adrenaline in the game is meant for those playing on the ace difficulty, due to there being no aim assist on that difficulty

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