Home Videos Gran Turismo 6 Official Trailer (PS4)

Gran Turismo 6 Official Trailer (PS4)


Gran Turismo 6 Official Trailer (PS4)

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  1. Hope that they finally got rid of the bullshit leveling system and went back to the oldskool gran turismo feeling?

  2. I have Project Cars and its as close as you can get to Gran Turismo on a PS4. I'm a big fan of Gran Turismo, I've played every one of them since they have came out. I like driving simulators and Gran Turismo is the mother of them all. But I have to say I was really surprised by Project Cars.

  3. So is there a general agreement that simulation is overstating this game a bit? I was looking at this game and I'm ok with simulations , I just have a real hatred for Codemasters  games. Its hard to find anything else right now. any thoughts on this would be helpful. thanks for posting the video

  4. for the retards saying "fake because its not on ps4" THATS WHY ITS A FUCKING TRAILER FOR THE PS4 VERSION YOU DUMB SHITS OMG

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