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Telltale’s Game of Thrones Review


Telltale's Game of Thrones Review


  1. I ended up getting my head chopped off as Mira…. that was REALLY surreal… like fuck… At least I went down with my integrity intact.

  2. when I played this game I felt no matter what choices you made things go badly I felt so defeated playing this game

  3. I don't watch Game of Thrones, but this game is in a bundle with other Tell Tale games. Is the bundle still worth it, and will I be able to enjoy this game?

  4. so this video was released on my birthday of last year and this was the exact day I got this game. Wooo

  5. Hey i thought the back to the future telltale game was pretty awesome although the jurassic park game sucked

  6. The sour taste that was left in my mouth with this game and bugged me, was at times it felt like my choices where more detrimental to the stories of the characters and their overall arc. Being in this world the dilemma's weren't often just moral, but downright tactical ,was I seeing a character development, or was I seeing their reaction to my choice that's less to do with their character and more to do with my motives? I felt sorry for Asher, Rodriak, Handmaiden Forrester because they were my prisoner, forced to live out my decisions and not their own. Like the characters (some) were so good, or had this potential, like ithey wanted to bust out and be themselves till I swoop in and dash that.

    I've never really felt this with the other TellTale games and I think it might have to do with handling so many characters at once and the setting. I think I'm going to play it again, making the same decisions but remembering it ends in a cliff hanger and trying to disconnect myself as a player and reconnect as a viewer.

    A great handling by Telltale of material that I think could have been a disastrous mess, but overall conflicted how to feel about the experience. Less in a introspective way and more in a retrospective way.

  7. I enjoy this game, I love the show and the game sticks very well to it! The voice acting sounds just like the actual actors, I could believe it's actually them.. Lots of attention to detail, and in a way it feels neat to have a sense of being apart of the Game of Thrones universe.

  8. You all don't really get what tailored means do you? It has nothing to do with your choices having an impact on the story.
    A perfect analogy of tailored would be…Imagine being infront of a labyrinth. YOu bind a rope to the entrance and walk with the rope into the maze. There are maybe 5-10 different ways to reach the end. If you now walk through it and decide to now walk left or now right ect. is your choice, but you will reach the same end no matter what choice you have made. Maybe you found something that wasn't in the other path, met a mynotaur or a druid in the other path. All are different ways of experiencing the same story. And when you bind the end of the rope to the exit, you now have your tailored path. It is the exact path you have chosen. Nobody said you reach a different exit the only thing said was that you can choose on your own which way you take to find the exit.

  9. I liked the game a lot. The characters were cool although they were way to Stark-like, from being northerners to the betrayal and broken family vibes. Also in TellTale fashion some choices don't make a difference and sometimes both outcomes just suck whereas other and better options were obvious but unavailable. All in all good game and characters tho.

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