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Where Can I Get A PS3 For $300?


i am looking to buy a working 40 gig ps3 for no more than 300 dollars, besides ebay or craigslist where can i find one online that i can order?

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  1. The holidays are coming very fast. So here is your chance to get waht you want or to give a great gift to someone you love at no cost!

    I have been looking for a Playstation 3 80Gb for a long time now, and cannot find any for a reasonable/affordable price. I then found out that I can get one for free, and so I did! If you follow these instructions, anyone who does so can get one too. Here is what you have to do:

    [url is not allowed]

    -Select which bundle you want (there are 5, or you can get cash equivalent)

    -On the same site, go down to the bottom right, and put in your email address where it says “Sign Up”, and then follow instructions for registration.

    -You should select the Referral Account (if you use Points Account, you will have to do several trials and registrations)

    -You will then need to complete ONE OFFER (you ONLY NEED TO COMPLETE ONE OFFER, you can do more if you like, but you get nothing of it). This is VERY IMPORTANT, because you need to complete the offer to refer people afterwards, so complete it after signup (takes less than 5 minutes).

    *I did the Stamps.com offer, which gives you instant credit for completing the offer for free. You just have to remember to cancel 21 days later. And you do NOT need to download their silly stamp program to get credit. I didn’t.

    -If you are in Canada, complete the Zip.ca offer (the only 100 % FREE offer which is for Canadian residents)

    You will have to sign up for a two week free trial, and select the plan (it doesn’t matter which plan you pick, because you don’t pay it during those two weeks). Then, before the two weeks are over, close your account by going online to Zip.ca, logging in, click on the “My Account” tab, and then on the “Stop My Membership” (during the two weeks, you can also rent unlimited movies from their service at no charge, but there is no need)

    -Once you have done this, you can do the exact same thing that I did! Just copy and paste this exact screen, these instructions, and use them to refer people to your account, so that YOU can get your free Playstation 3 (even shipping is free)!

    -This whole process takes merely 10mintues of your time, and if you tell your friends/coworkers etc, you can get your free Playstation 3 within ONE WEEK.

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