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Everything REVIEW! The Game Where You Can Be Anything


Everything REVIEW! The Game Where You Can Be Anything


  1. I don't understand… A game where you can be everything… Why? What is the point of this?

  2. This was my fkn idea when i was 10 i remember being in school sitting on the grass with my bestfriend saying, imagine a game where you could be anything you wanted to be.

    A walking toilet
    A dog
    A giant ball

    ANything your imagination can think of….

    I would of been a millionair if i knew how to program

  3. You can be a cockroach, or a building, or a dust mite.

    Yeah, you can. And the game plays exactly the same no matter what you are. So it's a "costume" changer, with a lecture about the philosophy of perspective.

    People complained about No Man's Sky, and what do you DO in it. You do more in that game, but because this game is like, 70% about perspective, it gets rave reviews. Well, I don't care about philosophising about perspective, and I don't see why everybody else is. This isn't a new idea, it's been around forever.

    This thing is more at home in an art exhibit as an interactive piece than it is on the PlayStation store.

  4. I'm so excited to see review/impression videos from Polygon again! I assume the pure-gameplay videos must be popular, and that's why y'all make them, but I really want to hear a person on the other end.

  5. Watts wasn't a philosopher, he was, at best, an entertainer who bastardized the traditions he talked about.

  6. Whats the goal of the game? Katamari damacy goalto get a certain size ball and finish stage is this game have any goals or just passing time??

  7. This screams pretentious globalist progressive who voted to stay in the EU, thinks Trump is 'ghastly', thinks 'we're all the same', and thinks a man can be a woman because he feels it. And it's precisely that John Lennon mental masturbation that led to the terrorist attack on Westminster bridge and Palace the other day.

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