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MLB The Show 17 – Gameplay Improvements and Animations Expansion Video | PS4




Check out the new gameplay improvements within MLB The Show 17 as well as our expanded amount of animations available for this year. You’ll see more on new ball physics, our all new Catch and Throw engine, Cat and Mouse gameplay, and the new catcher throwing meter.

MLB The Show 17 delivers the most realistic and personal baseball gaming experience on consoles. This year The Show offers exciting gameplay improvements and a greater ability to personalize your baseball experience.

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MLB The Show 17 - Gameplay Improvements and Animations Expansion Video | PS4


  1. 1:20
    It sounds nice but the main problem when video games add things like this, is that it happens Waaaaaaaaaayyyyy too much and makes you wish they never put it in.

  2. It will someday take mlb studies san diego the initiative to place the audio and texts in other languages spanish, japanese, chinese ect and thus exploit that global market. Despite what it represents 2 months of my monthly salary look for the fashion of Buy Greetings from Venezuela.

  3. Sera que algún día tomara mlb studios san diego la iniciativa de colocar audio y textos en otros idiomas español, japones , chino ect y asi explotar ese mercado mundial.a pesar de que representaria 2 meses de mi salario mensual buscaria la manera de comprarlo Saludos desde Venezuela.

  4. For such a big company, you would think they could get someone that can pronounce the word "accurate" correctly. Jesus how pathetic

  5. Do throws from the outfield still hit the guy covering second perfectly (knee/shin high) 95% of the time?

  6. They need more "Retro-Stadiums". — Tiger Stadium, Memorial Stadium, RFK, Candlestick Park……. and so on.

  7. I wish they would have a tournament section for franchisers! It would be nice to be able to do something like take the franchise team I have and do more with it other than just have a season,like for example do a 12 team tournament with old school uniforms and stadiums? Just being able to play a regular season with my franchise team leaves me wanting more. I love the game and play it every day . But,more could be done with the franchise team. One more thing. Looks like I will only have Vas turned on for the game tell me why oh why was EK let go? I think he is a marvelous color analyst. I do not like Harold Reynolds! There is a reason he only did a few other games for awhile,he stinks ! As a color analyst. I won't even mention the ugliness that other doofess is gonna bring. Sorry MLB, I love ya but just being real about it. Not everybody is happy about your big change in the booth! It ain't gonna work, just tellin' ya try to save you wasted time . But,you already went and did it. But I predict EK will be back! But seriously how hard is it to synthasize a voice in order to have your pick of who you want? Like long time local announcers? Like Ernie Harwell or George Kell for me? That would be the ultimate!

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