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xbox360? ps2 or ps3? which one should i get?


okay. so im not a sony fan first.

i just bought the xbox 360. and yay! it was fun. good graphics loved it! i spent alot of money on accesories and hd. BUT! barley yesterday i got a single red ring on my xbox 360! and as i started investagating. it seems like their are thousands of consoles with this problem.

I DONT want to keep on spending money on some piece of junk that is gonna fail every 4 months. The ps3 is expensive and honestly it doesnt attract me as much. i think its kinda lame. However the ps2 i like. as i have always.

what shouldi do? and why?

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  1. Both same thing, PS3 is cheaper. All you need to know.

    For in-depth, keep reading.

    360: $100 for Wifi Adaptor, $50 a year for Online gaming, $30 for Charging your controller

    PS3: Free Built-in Wifi, Free online gaming, free usb cable for controller. Free internet browser, can surf the internet like on a computer.

    360: If you are subscribed to Netflix, you can watch movies.

    PS3: If you live in Europe, you can download this free application that can play up to 100,000+ music videos for free, anytime you want. For America, we are still waiting.

    360: Unfortunately, it has a 35%+ Failure rate, but it comes with a 3 year warranty.

    PS3: Has about a 2-5% Failure rate. Comes with 1 year warranty.


    Halo 3 – Shooter

    Halo ODST – Shooter [Not out yet]

    Halo Recon – Shooter [Not out yet]

    Halo Wars – Strategy

    Gears of War – Shooter

    Left 4 Dead – Shooter

    Alan Wake – Horror/Action

    Forza – Racing

    Fable – RPG

    Splinter Cell – Stealth Action [Not out yet]


    Killzone – Shooter

    Resistance – Shooter

    MAG – Shooter [256 players online, not out yet. Most games have only 16 players online]

    Metal Gear Solid – Stealth Action

    God of War – Action [Not out yet, March 2010]

    Gran Turismo – Racing [Not out yet]

    Motorstorm – Racing

    ModNation Racers – Racing [Not out yet]

    LittleBigPlanet – Platforming

    Siren – Horror/Action

    White Knight Chronicles – RPG [Not out yet]

    Demons Souls – RPG

    Ratchet and Clank – Platformer

    Uncharted – Action [#2 coming in October]

    inFamous – Sandbox/Superhero

    Agent – Sandbox [Made by the same people who made Grand Theft Auto but Agent will be bigger. Coming out 2010]

    ^^^Exclusives for each system

  2. for me, 360. as time goes on. microsoft will improve a lot. there very good in techonology. and compare to ps2. there are games that are not found in 360. I mean there are games only for 360 and ps3. things like that.

  3. Was it a full red ring? As in all four lights were lit? If so, that’s not a huge problem. There could be something wrong with the way the cords are connected.

    If it was three lights light up, then yes, that is the “Red Ring of Death”. I’m fairly certain that Microsoft extended the warranty on all 360s, so you should be able to send it to get fixed for free the first time. They usually work great after that, but if it would ever happen to go “red ring” again, it’ll cost to get it fixed.

    I’d stick with the 360. The selection of games and the online service are a lot better (in my opinion).

  4. i’d go with the xbox 360 there are a lot more games to choose from. to avoid the red ring of death purchase your system at Best Buy and get the warranty plan. i’ve had to replace 3 already but they were FREE because i went with Best Buy i didnt have to ship it to microsoft i just took it back to the store for a replacement

  5. PS3 it comes with every thing in it barely any excessories except for a fan you can use to play it EVEN LONGER!(yeah even longer) then the wireless controllers don’t need a battery just plug it in to the PS3 using a MINI usb plugin. and the blue-ray. in around maybe 2010 they’ll realease blue-ray disc that can hold i think 1,000GIGS. and blue-ray already holds more memory than HD dvd’s also if you look at one issue of game informer(don’t know which one) the 360 has highest failure rate of 54%(sort of depends on how much you play it)(360 needs to be Kept in excellent living conditions) PS3 has a 14.5% failure rate and the Wii at 8% failure rate. and then they have even more expensive PS3’s that are backwards compatible with PS2 games.(only around $400-600) there expensive because they can play 95% of PS2 games perfectly. other ones don’t work right or work at all. I’m happy with my PS3 i got it for $300 and it’s a PS3 launch that can play PS2 games.

  6. I think you would be supprised it is better and now cheaper than you broke x-box go here [url is not allowed].

  7. Well it depends. I love the XBOX 360 exclusives. My XBOX 360 has never gotten the red ring and I’ve had it for years. I also use an intercooler with mine. The PS3 is also a great system that you should try and get. If you have the chance get one of the 80 GB backwards compatible ones. Trust me the PS3 Slim is not good. The 80 GB backwards compatible PS3’s are the best quality and their very reliable. I own all 3 next gen video game consoles (Wii, XBOX 360, and PS3) and in my opinion I prefer the XBOX 360 over all of them. If you have any questions on how to keep your XBOX from getting the red rings again just ask me.

  8. well first off rule out the ps2. its an old console and while not quote obsolete it wont be long before there are no more games made for it,

    probably not a lot between the xbox and ps3 if im honest, but the ps3 is a bluray player and more and more films coming out on bluray,

    for games they are probably equal BUT you dont have to pay to play online with the PS3 which is a big +

    all parts are standard spec, meaning if you want a bigger hard drive you can buy any brand, xbox needs to be xbox, wireless built in, xbox doesnt, stadard usb for keyboards/headsets etc not so with xbox,

    not to mention the not so many overheating problems than the xbox has

  9. It can be fixed,but you need to spend some money for that.And,get a ps3.It’s better than the xbox360.And,it’s not so expensive.It’s only $300.And for that price you get a 120GB hard drive.Don’t even think to get a ps2 because it’s old.

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