Home Xbox Games Classic Game Room HD – DIRT 2 review part 1 of 2

Classic Game Room HD – DIRT 2 review part 1 of 2


Classic Game Room HD - DIRT 2 review part 1 of 2

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  1. watching in 2017, great review! love this game I've got the whole dirt series dirt 1,dirt 2,dirt 3,dirt showdown,dirt rally on the ps4 and looking forward to dirt 4 in June.

  2. Did you say that the key to these games is memorising the tracks?, you are the first honest person to actually dare and say this simple thing >>>>> I thought I was bad for thinking like that, bur now I know I am not the only one who thinks logically

  3. I turn off the entire HUD and just listen to the navigator, it gives you eyes on the road ahead without cheating. Obviously you can make your own judgements on how much of a cut you can make in a corner. But 90% of the time if they say don't cut it means you're going to ditch or flip the car if you do. But I haven't played this so I'm speaking from Dirt 3. But despite loving the game, I hate what Dirt has become. They should have called it Ken Blocks Dirt because now it's just pissing all over rally and Collin McRaes legacy with X games bullshit.

  4. I agree fuck energy drinks.  If I wanted energy I'd just do mountains of cocaine like a respectable person. 

  5. I like old games were when you screw up you try agin till you learn it it's much more rewarding to win

  6. it depends. if you prefer rally more than everything else,then i'd go with dirt 1 or 3,but,if you like X games and circuit races,dirt 2

  7. Do you know why you didn't become a great, popular reviewer? Because a good reviewer doesn't read his pre-written reviews from a page, he reviews as he goes.

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