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Resident Evil 4 HD PS4 Gameplay


Resident Evil 4 HD PS4 Gameplay


  1. This guy is pro. I mean the first thing I do when i heard the chainsaw guy. I just ran away like little pussy. But this guy just don't care he threw that grenade. Thug life

  2. Ashley gets kidnapped as much as Princess Peach lol. P.S. I know she doesn't, but still lol

  3. After playing the Ultimate HD Project, this looks like an ugly mess. At 1:42 you can still see the seams on ground textures that aren't fixed. Fucking Capcom.

  4. This is literally the best RE, perfect balance between classic RE elements and action gameplay

  5. Jesus how many times does this game have to be re-released? I mean I liked it the first time around but it's not THAT good. Not to mention that the actual controls are very dated by now.

  6. this is the laziest port, just a HD remix that only involves higher resolution skins? What ever happened to proper remasters like Resident Evil for Gamecube or even Resident Evil 0 for gamecube…. we need this for RE veronica and RE 2

  7. This is a great game. It a shame the enemies doesn't speak Spanish from Spain instead of Mexican accent.
    I remember villagers speaking in spanish (my mother language) and have fun understanding every word like "No dejéis que se escape (Don't let him get away)", "Te voy a hacer picadillo" (I'll make you mincemeat), "Detrás de tí imbécil" (Behind you fool) or Zealot chants "Morir es vivir (To die is to live)".

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