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Connecting to Xbox Live help!?


I have a modem and I have connected to xbox live before. My PC is downstairs and by modem is connected directly into the wall. My grandmother is always watching T.V. in the living room. Therefore i have to wait for hours till she goes some where so that I can bring my xbox 360 downstairs and play it. I don’t wanna buy the wireless adapter and I don’t have a pc or wireless router. If my 360 is up stairs how can I connect without running the cable through my entire house(its not long enough to reach my room from its location). Please help and thx!

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  1. get a netgear XE102 powerline ethernet bridge

    u just plug them into a wall and plug te ethernt into them and u got internet

  2. You basically answered your own question man. The only ways possible are (as you said):

    – running wires

    -buying a wireless router and wireless network adaptor

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