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How can I backup my ps3 before I lose everything?


Last night I was trying to load one of my old gat5 profiles. needless to say it would not load. I woke up this morning searching on the internet about this problem and multiple things said I needed to restore the file system in safe mode. I went in safe mode and choose that option seeing that it said it would not delete any save data and etc. in the middle of it restoring, it said it found a corruptive file on the HDD and needs to format now but i lose everything. I backed out but now my ps3 jumps straight to the “can not start” prompt and asks to format, it wont even give me a menu to back up anything before this.I don’t wanna just pull the HDD out because I know from experience that once I put it back in my data will be gone.

Is there anything I can do to get to some type of backup screen without losing data, i have 480 gb worth of stuff on this drive, PS Plus games and purchased games pushing the 70’s mark, and save data from my massive collection of games I’m really not trying to lose.

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  1. You can back up all your saves through PS Plus on the cloud and then re download them. The good news about the games is you can re download them by looking at your dowbloads list and then click download. It will be a long process but the good news is you won't lose anything.

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