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We Played Marvel Heroes Omega on PS4


We Played Marvel Heroes Omega on PS4

So we go out in to the world of Marvel Heroes and destroy some fools as ya boy Captain America, Let me know if you wanna see more!
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Marvel Heroes Omega Walkthrough Part 1 - Captain America & Intro (Ps4 Pro Gameplay HD)


  1. my hulk is on level 14 and every time i try to carry on chapter 2 the region is still downloading ffs

  2. Instead of making a PS4 version they should have refocused on balance and getting back to content that pushed the envelope in this genre like their raids. They were growing SO quickly when they first started developing raids and coming out with new heroes on a generally reasonable time frame (2 months per) but then some of the leads left the game and it all just turned into how little work can we do to milk fans of their money. Refocus on raids, fix some of the heroes that feel weak in solo play (especially important in the ps4 version) and get a way for players to communicate easier on the console.

  3. Hold on so I got the game and it's the beta? Am I going to have to buy the full game when I comes out?

  4. I really like this Game!!! couch coop is great. how so you use your ultimate powers? ??

  5. "How can you make a Marvel game without Wolverine?"
    *Stares in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

  6. Hey TheApexHound do you think you will ever play this game online with your fans on YouTube?

  7. What's the difference between the red bar ad blue bar on the bottom left? I'm interested in this game

  8. TheApexHound, once your cap reaches level 60 and if you gear him up well, he can do 2 million critical damage with a single hit.

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