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Are there issues or limitations with playing online games with a pre-owned or second hand PS3?


Hi everyone!

I asked a similar question and recieved some good answers about whether it is safe to buy a pre-owned PS3 in general.

But somebody who answered my question said that there may be problems with playing online games with a PS3 that is pre-owned.

Unfortunately that person neglected to go into detail about why or what causes these problems, and what they involve specifically.

I’ve never heard of this problem before and i am thinking about buying a pre-owned PS3.

Anybody had any experience with this issue or have any advice? It would be really appreciated!:)


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  1. I have no idea you could easily wipe out any data and usernames on there. I think what the person meant was that when you get a ps3 ,BRAND NEW, you have to sign up for the playstation network(online services) and this is suppose to be your major username for the system. You could make other usernames and sign them up for it and delete them but the first one you make cannot be deleted (for some reason), so if you get a used ps3 you could have limitations on your online play because of the fact someone has already made the first username and signed up for the psn(playstation network).

    But I guess he really didn’t know that you could wipe out the whole ps3 system and delete everything which the place your going to buy it from has already done but if not send me a message and I’ll run you through (if you get it) on what to do.

  2. i would not buy a pre-owned ps3 you have no idea what is wrong with them. try and buy it cheap somewhere

  3. There are no limitations. You just need to sign up for PSN and you’ll be all set. I assume the previous owner already formatted the hard drive to get rid of the data, so there are no problems.

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