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DC Universe Online PS3 Subscription?


Hi guys, I just want to ask about subscriptions for this game. I looked at answers for about 1 year ago and people said you get 30 days free and then you have to pay monthly. Does that apply nowadays. Also if it doesn’t, I know there something call “Become Legendary” what does that do”. Please help. Thanks.

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  1. no , the free 30 days came with the disc , but now it’s free to download and play and a subscripton is optional

    you are limited in how much you can do and how high your rank will get until you pay for the monthly sub , if you buy a mimimum $5 of dlc then you get a higher limit and if you buy a monthly sub you get legendary status ( while subscribing ) and can get access everything and get trophies on psn

    the game is now download only ( discs are not usable anymore ) go to the ps store and it’s free but requires at least 20 gigs free space

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