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Exploring New Bodhum – Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gameplay Video (Xbox 360)


Serah and Noel journey through New Bodhum at night while facing against new enemies in this Final Fantasy XIII-2 gameplay clip. (Japanese Xbox 360 version shown)

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Exploring New Bodhum - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gameplay Video (Xbox 360)


  1. your kidding right?

    lost odyssey isnt a FF, lost odyssey was when a bunch of ex square members who didnt know what they were doing hired a gay character designer(off the streets) and decided to make a game together.

  2. @gamesreflexoes you know, it gets pretty boring to hear this: "If you don't like ff, then go and play another game" – NO!! I don't care for new gens that thinks that this sucky direction that put this game WAY DOWN on the market, is "the shit", because we all know what FF was, and I want it back, and I can say it out loud: I WANT THE OLD FF BACK!!!

  3. I'm a huge fan of 7,8,9 and 10. I loved the free roaming of the map going to new cities(hated 12) I was sketchy on 13 bcuz I heard it was a tunnel rpg but when I played it it was good. Story is interesting and battle system is amazing! Best part of the game is 2nd playthrough in gran pulse trying to get trapezohedrons and cieth stonne missions. I do wish that they could make something similar to 7,8 or 9 but with next gen graphics but they havnt yet so if u don't like its all good…still a fan.

  4. interesting battle system, its almost like ffxii or something, where you hit when ur ready or something idk how this one works but i def wanna try it out 😀

  5. Final Fantasy games are interesting but god how i hate that battlesystem so fucking much..
    "yeah ur turn to hit me now"

  6. i dont trust this series anymore 🙁 only gonna rent this one and hope its not linear…. FFX and FF7 will forever be the best

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