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PlayStation Plus on PS4 – All You Need To Know


PlayStation Plus is AMAZING! So allow us to fill you in on why PlayStation Plus on PS4 is going to be even better.
PlayStation Plus July: http://bit.ly/1bYRCnJ

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PlayStation Plus on PS4 - All You Need To Know


  1. Guys i want to add 20€ to my wallet (Method:PaySafe Card(EU)) after that purchase can i BUY PS PLUS ?? Or do i have to buy from store PS Plus card ?? Pls Answer 😐

  2. wow this is a down grade for the ps4, PlayStation used to beat Xbox because it was free to play online….time to trade in the ps4 for a Xbox one ._.

  3. actually ps+ is the best way for Sony to make handsome money! I wonder ps3 was so better than ps4 ! bcoz ps3 has free to play multiplayer on the other hand ps4 needs to have the ps+ subscription otherwise play only campaigns !

  4. If i download the free games of the month i can play this games for ever or until the end of the month?

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