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Xbox – April 2017 Games with Gold


Play together with Xbox Live Gold. April’s 2017 Games with Gold lineup for Xbox One includes: Ryse: Son of Rome and The Walking Dead: Season Two. For Xbox 360 owners (and through Xbox One backward compatibility), April kicks off with Darksiders, followed by Assassin’s Creed Revelations. April’s lineup provides over dollars in value and up to 4250 gamerscore.

Xbox - April 2017 Games with Gold


  1. hi people im looking for a person to game share with , my kik is alexcart77 and i have gta v, gears of war ut, evolve, rocket league, and ryse son of rome. what i just want is someone who always have xbox live gold . i also want call of duty infinite warfare and overwatch but mainly i want xbox live gold that would never end thnx
    again my kik is : alexcart77

  2. Why doesn't it let me download assassins creed revelations on my Xbox one or the Xbox website

  3. When acquiring Xbox gold and downloading the free games do you keep them forever or until that month ends ?

  4. Help AC Revelations is not showing up on Xbox One AT ALL. Not in the store when searched, not in the Games With Gold page and not even in Ready To Download page after I picked it up through the marketplace website.

  5. Xbox please help me out with a problem i got a xbox one s controller and the headphone jack isn't working at all and my headset is fine it is not mute please just help me please reply

  6. Great, please next time put us Street fighter 4 for xbox 360, It will be a nice gift for the absence of street fighter 5 on xbox one 😉

  7. hey xbox i cant get ac Revelations back comp. it says its not available in your region please help.

  8. To get REVALATIONS go to the gold games in Xbox one. select assassin's creed. select see price. a screen will pop up in the middle of the screen that says free on the top left. press the button that says ok, or continue I forgot wat it says, and then press install and it will start installing.

  9. I can't download AC Revelations. It keeps telling me that I have to download it on my Xbox One…WHEN I AM. Anybody know why?

  10. Xbox One Gamer/ YouTuber With 645 subscribers My Gamer Tag is chr1stopher 11 13 year old boy looking to play with some 13 or 14 year old Girls playing GTA 5 Online Roblocks & more. Thank you

  11. Oh cmon! i lost my controller months ago and i really wanted ac revalations…. WHY MEEEEEE

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