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Air Conflicts Secret Wars 1st mission


Air Conflicts Secret Wars 1st mission


  1. I just got this PC game a few days ago cause I thought it would be cool to try. Turns out it's been a real pain in the ass to even try to play! First it tells me about some error code so I installed DirectX and that fixed it. Then I go through the registration process only to get the "cannot initialize D3D" message. I found out I needed to install the 1.04 patch so I did that. No it won't let me access the game at all. It's saying I need a "valid license". I bought the game myself! It says "if you purchased the CD/DVD, reinsert it, and run the game again". I did that and I'm still getting that fucking message!! Why can't these video game companies make things simple??

  2. can you upgrade your planes in this game? Just like " Secret Weapons Over Normandy " ?? . Now that was a hell of a
    game for its time And still is . I havnt found a game yet that compares even close to it . I just picked this one up at Gamestop 9.99 $ used and Heroes Over Europe 4.99 used , im Just hoping that you can upgrade like you could on S.W.O.N … Thank you all for reading and commenting. Keep on gaming friends .

  3. Hello
    Is this game already released ?
    Please tell me, would it be possible to play this game on PS4, with a mouse and keyboard ?
    Thank you in advance

  4. hello friend , I'm from Venezuela , I really like the video game secret air war conflict , give me license code to activate the game ?

  5. Okay, I am going to answer some questions! 😀

    Yes, you do have to be a woman.
    No, that is not the only plane.
    You can use the mouse or you can buy a joy stick for it.
    This is mostly in WW2, but there are some WWI missions.
    She is flying a WWI areoplane because she is not enlisted in any army.

  6. @Adomaeo
    This is actually how most planes worked back then. There was a mechanical interrupter in the guns that prevented them from firing until the propeller had rotated to a certain angle.

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