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Game stop and Xbox 360 – Help?


Okay guys, so here’s whats up. I bought an Xbox 360 white 60GB for $215 at Gamestop. I’m past my 7 day money back guarantee, but I can still get a credit for $215. What should I do? If I sell it, even though it’s barely used and still has 11 months on the warranty, I’m still only going to get about $160 easily. Would it be smarter to buy like a brand new packaged wii and sell that? Gamestop sells those for like $199.99, plus tax I calculated it to $218. On ebay they’re going for like $140, so that didn’t make any sense! Unless.Would they allow me to use the credit and then return it for cash?!

I’m so confused and disappointed. I wish I had not bought this thing! :/

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  1. well it all deppends if u want to get another system then get it for credit and once u get the credit its only for store use. and the whole ebay prices for wii’s is because they are probably used. besides gamestop is more reliable than ebay. why would u want to sell it after just after a month, doesnt seem smart.

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