Home Playstation Games Rocksmith 2014 PS4/One – What You NEED To Know Before Buying!

Rocksmith 2014 PS4/One – What You NEED To Know Before Buying!


Rocksmith 2014 PS4/One - What You NEED To Know Before Buying!

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  1. damn… I got so freaking excited 'bout this game, you have no idea. I just came here on YT searching if the game was available for PS4, and gosh…. I'm so glad for have found you before anything…
    (sorry for my bad English, BTW)
    needless to say… thanks, but, it's worthy to buy Rocksmith for PS3??

  2. Fucking hell! I was gonna pick this up but that much work just for a game? Plus I live in a fucking island. It would take age to get the product and shipping is fucking expensive. So i'm looking at 400$+

  3. Is really lagging/high latency issue on ps4 version so bad ? I have both edition of rocksmith for ps3 and I ´m using hdmi for video and audio and I ´ ve never noticed this issue.

  4. You guys are all stupid. I have the game and it works just fine. No lags. No glitches and no bugs. And think about it. He's the only one that was saying this shit. I looked through every YouTube video on rock smith 2014 and everyone was saying it works fine with everything. Also if you had to pay for all of this shit why are people still buying the game in 2015 and 2016 and it was nominated as 10 ten best games in 2014-2015 don't believe this guy. I play this game on Xbox one and it works fine. No extra cables. No extra equipment none of that shit. But if you want your old rock songs from 2012 on Xbox 360 or PS3 you have to pay 7.99 for all the old songs but it's your Choice you can pay for it or not

  5. For the xbox ones without optical out – use a hdmi audio splitter its pretty cheap like £6 10 $ you put your hdmi cable in and you get a 3.5mm audio out and hdmi out and it works for me fine no audio lag!

  6. Sooo… it works best with certain tvs right? Well… I have a Ps3, Sony Flatscreen, HDMI cable, but no Optical Output cable. It should be just fine, right?

  7. I have a PS4 and I would love to own this game and learn how to play Guitar and Bass. Has this problem been fixed yet? Thanks and Rock on!

  8. Well, as a gamer, I already had a gaming headset (Astro A40) so that was my solution. I mean, it is a little annoying having to deal with wearing headphones and the cord and concentrating on the game at the same time on top me being more comfortable standing but I'm managing.

  9. Everything this guy say is right but if you love guitar and games you couldn't find anything better than Rocksmith (well actually I don't know anything else like Rocksmith)!
    For a PS4, You can fix your audio if you buy an optical Toslink cable for audio, and connect it to an output with the same optical interface, but if you don,t have one, you can use an usb headphones, I have my old PS3 Headphones from sony and works really god (the experience with this is awesome since the headphones isolates all environment noise and dives you into the song) and I think another kind of usb headphones should be work, but if you don't have one you can use your simple 3.5 headphones from your cellphone (I used a lenovo handsfree headphones from my smartphone) or a cable to connect to analog output.
    The problem is from the console, because it doesn't have analog ouput, not from the game, and the hdmi is not enough faster to process the audio, so give it a try before get frustrated, I'm and very old guitarist (well not too old just 37 but I started at my 13 years) and I leave the guitar for about 13 years ago and I started to play the game and believe me, I recovered my skills using this game, (and believe mi it was really faster than any other intent in the past) I plenty recommend it even in the PS4, and I have also a PS3 and in both consoles it runs and hears really well… I'm a really addict to this game!

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