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The Hum: Abductions – Trailer


The Hum: Abductions - Trailer


  1. I'm just tired of ghost or killer now but then I see this game this game made alien seem 2x scary

  2. There are so many damn horror games about zombies, space creatures and fucking Japanese-style ghost women. It's so tiresome and dull. This looks like the kind of game that has the capacity to actually be frightening for a change. I really hope that it sees the light of day one of these years.

  3. That was a stupid thing to leave the light on at night….it's the best to hide and leave them off. If aliens see light, there gonna seek for it first…

  4. Ma non è così nella demo, non è così per nulla! Nella demo fa CACARE, ma non di paura! Noiosissimo e lo specchio glitchiato!

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