Home Videos Unboxing a Pre-owned black PS4 system

Unboxing a Pre-owned black PS4 system


Unboxing a Pre-owned black PS4 system

Gamestop Used PS4 Unboxing


  1. Eb games Australia is owned by GameStop USA and eb games preowned boxes and packages are much better than GameStop

  2. Does it still work good just bought a used PS4 at gamestop with warranty thinking I should get new it's the slim

  3. Looks good thx because this makes me more confident in buying pre owned. and yeah the new thing is expensive

  4. is the hard drive wiped clean when u buy used? Do u have to 're- download the day one patch to use dvds?

  5. I like the PS4 Because It's Small And Is Less Heavy Than The Xbox One. It also has better graphics and a smaller controller. This is why The PS4 Is Netter Than The Xbox One

  6. Hey how is your used ps4 coming along now? Still working or you encountered a few roaches along the way???? Cool vid.

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