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What game should I get for Christmas?


I kinda liked COD4, but I eventually sold it as I got bored. I like a good adventure, some fighting, and a challenge. What do you think?
Ultimately – I would love an RPG. I am dissapointed with the lack of them coming to the PS3 thus far. I am kinda leaning towards Resistance 2. Though a friend of mine does have Oblivion on his 360, it does look pretty good.
Update 2:
Don’t click that link left by Sidney – Unless you want a spyware attack – prick.
Update 3:
How about Tomb Raider – Underworld? One of my fave PSOne games was Tombraider 2.

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  1. well oblivion will kind of have that CoD4 affect so get resistance 2 and tomb raider doesn’t have alot of replayability

  2. This is a slightly older game than I’d usually recommend, but assuming you don’t already have it, get Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

    It’s not only a “good” adventure, but an epic one. There’s just so much to see and do in the game that your average gamer will definitely find something to amuse themselves with: So far, I’ve played a total of 15 hours ( it keeps track of that) and I haven’t even touched the main quest ( you’ll find out from the beginning what it is). Even today, the graphics are beautiful, and the world is fun to explore ( I got lost countless times). I know I’m not going into depth, but this game is amazing and not to be missed out on.

    The people at Bethesda Softworks are some of the best in the RPG industry


    Plus, it’s only $30

  3. How about Fallout 3? It is essentially an RPG with shooter elements. It’s made by Bethesda (those behind Oblivion) and it can be very similar, although I wouldn’t just say that it is “just Oblivion with guns”. It is set in a post apocalyptic wasteland rather than Medieval-esque oblivion times, and you fight mutants and other wasteland creatures using guns, explosives, handheld items, etc.

    However there are many RPG elements in it. You can fully customize and level up your character so that they can perform certain task, wield special weapons, etc.

    In my opinion it is an excellent adventure, the fighting is beyond the normal shooter, and it can be quite challenging at times.

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