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Why “Everything” On PS4 Might Make You Rethink Your Existence


In this excerpt from The Game Informer Show, Javy Gwaltney and Ben Hanson share their impressions of playing David O’Reilly’s new game on PlayStation 4 (confusingly) called Everything. The game is bold, a little confusing, and worth a look.

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  1. It hasn't everything. It lacks the things that we don't know.

    I'm attempting to make a seemilar kind of game. But it's still in a very early stage of development. Go to my channel if you want to know more!

  2. It seems like some bs Deepak Chopra type of concept. I can already hear the physicists cringing over people misunderstanding how the universe works.

  3. who cares if its not a traditional "game" not everythuing needs to be shoot/attack _____ to get points to unlock ______. this is a unique experience.. the reason i play "games" is to have unique experiences.

  4. I just had a weird religious experience last night. I finished the 9S playthrough (second ending) of Nier:Automata and I had a weird dream where I saw humanity finding Virgin Mary and as time went by people adapted more to nature as nature made implants in people so they better understand the plants. Also, plants merged somewhat so the same tree was bearing many fruits as a mixture of many individual plants. This might came from the fact Keichi Okabe made the vocals in Nier's OST as a mixture of different languages like their vocabulary merged over time. Today morning I'm somewhat in a catatonic state. It's also monday…

  5. The whole universe is everything and everything is the whole universe. Got it! No seriously I got it. I said I got it>:/

  6. Why would I do that when Nier Automata does such an amazing job messing with the concept of self and existence while also advancing the medium by integrating all that with actual video game elements and being fun?

  7. So it's some kind of game mechanics vehicle for exploring ontology, subjectivity, and existentialism?

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