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Alrite,this is wat I’m gonna buy with a PS3?Do i need any other game or accessories?


PS3-120GB (slim)


1 PS3 dual shock controller (extra one for my brother)

1 blu-ray player

1 bluetooth headset(original one)

some blu-ray movies -can anyone tell me some good action movies like avater tat are worth watchin on PS3 blu-ray?



uncharted 2

killzone 2

MSG4 (metal gear solid guns of the patriots)

batman-arkham asylum

motor strom pacific rift

and ye

do i need anythin eles? like games or blu-ray movies?


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  1. I just played black ops and beat campaign. Its amazing. Modern warfare 2 is good and so is world at war(all call of duty games)

    I had uncharted 2 but i thought it sucked so i sold it.

    Little big planet is pretty cool, I play it with my boyfriend but i dont think its much fun by myself.

    The game fallout3 is really good too. you should check it out and fallout new vegas is the new game of that

    And I had to come back and add god of war

    As for movies, I dont watch them very much but blu-ray horror movies are always good

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