Home Xbox Forum I am getting an Xbox soon and need some help.?

I am getting an Xbox soon and need some help.?


I’m going to get the Core system, or whatever the equivalent is called now that they renamed it. I have fiber optic internet, and thus, wireless as well. Will I need anything extra to be able to play over Xbox Live, such as a router, etc.? There’s also a phone jack in the room I’m planning on setting it up in, is there a cable that I will be able to plug into that and have internet access as well, thus enabling my console for Live? Thanks for the help!

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  1. yeah, your gonna need a Wireless Adaptor.

    they sell em at pretty much any electronics store

    they are $99.99

    kinda expensive but worth it!

  2. Well I’m not so high tech, but my brother did get an Xbox 360 and he plays live with a router that he had to buy. Idk what this Core system is but I know for sure you need a router dude.

  3. uh, first of all you need xbox live, its not free, but very worth it 7 bucks for a month, 20 bucks for 3 months, and 50 bucks for a year plus an extra month. umm, dont buy the wireless adapter for 100 bucks, waaay useless, go to fry’s and you can buy a huge 50 foot cat5 cable for like 15 bucks i think. i got a 25 foot cat5 cable for 12.99 so its a big save, you dont need a router, but its necessary if you want to have computer access and xbox live at the same time, i only have a modem so i can’t do that. oh and you need games. i recommend Call of Duty 4, Bioshock, Assassin’s Creed, and Turok. uhh Halo 3 sucks, short game, bad storyline, no online depth. just rent it, beat it, get over with, its way overrated

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