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how can i hide videos in my ps3 from being viewed by other users?


i have little bro and he is not allowed to see rated r movies that i have saved does n-e 1 no how i can hide them

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  1. Create a new PSN account (it can be a subaccount) and don’t set the login to automatically login. Put the videos you want to “hide” in this account, then manually log in to access them. Log off when you’re done.

  2. rated R movies. riiiiiiiiight. so you’re basically asking how you can hide your porn away from your “little bro” well im sorry to say you can’t. once you put it on the ps3 you can’t like pu a password on a certain folder or whatever. the only suggestions i can give are these.

    in the videos section create a folder then name it something he probably won’t be interested in and not open.

    or buy a flash disk which is pretty small so you can hide it.and put your “R rated” movies there so that when you want to watch them you can just plug it into your ps3.

    hope this helped you out!:D

    don’t forget to pick a best answer!

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