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I have a ps2 and 8 games but i won an xbox game and i dont know whether to get a xbox360 or ps3?


i need advice which is better an xbox 360 with two games or a ps3 with 8 ps2 games.

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  1. I own an Xbox 360, and I was about to buy a Ps3 so both are good.

    Although, in my opinion, if you plan on playing online (which pretty much everybody does) then I suggest an Xbox 360 because it has the best online experience. The only downfall with that is you have to pay for it but it’s worth it. Example. When Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 came out, tons of people wanted to play, so many people in fact, that the PS3 network servers couldn’t handle all the requests and had to shut down. Xbox Live continued without a hiccup.

    Get a PS3 on the other hand if you plan on watching a lot of movies for the blu-ray experience and don’t want to have to buy a wireless network card (if you even needed one because Xbox isn’t WiFi ready out of the box). Like mentioned above, the PS3 online is free, but I believe the price of Xbox Live is worth it.

    I also don’t believe 8 ps2 games is much of a reason to buy a ps3 as you’ll expect you won’t be playing them very much because you’ll be addicting to the HD next gen experience. 🙂

    I still think Xbox 360 has a better gaming experience but of course it’s debatable as always!

    Hope this helped.

  2. PS3 ALL THE WAY! Ps3 looks better, quieter, uses less electricity and xbox charges you £40 a year for online. Play Station charge you nothing at all! PS3 ALL THE WAY. Cheers

  3. Pretty sure the newer PS3 won’t play the old PS2 games. Only some of the older PS3s were capable of (apparently crappy) PS2 emulation. Check that first before deciding anything.

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