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If i use Jail broken games offline and disk games online will i get caught?


If i jailbreak my PS3 and back up games on to the hard drive, And only play those games offline. But use disk games to play online will i get caught?

Games like ( inFAMOUS, Fallout 3, Gran turismo 5 etc)


  1. Sony allows it. Although they don’t like it.

    But, why waste your money for that? PS3 is good for online dude.

  2. Im not really sure. If you are caught the only thing that will happen is that they will ban your ps3 from the psn network , no big deal if you play single player/split screen etc.

  3. It’s not what games you use that gets you caught, it’s signing into the PSN at all. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing a disc game or an ISO. You can’t get online without the chance of being caught if you’re on a jailbroken system.

  4. When I was about to jailbreak my ps3 an update came out for it after the jailbreak was released some ppl say Sony add nothing new it was just to track ppl who’s ps3s were jailbroken so who Ever was online whould be suspended btw if I were u I would make a new psn account for jailbroken games

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