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South Park: The Stick of Truth vs Tomb Raider?


I am a hardcore south park fan and I don’t know if I should buy the game or not, but I also love tomb raider and the game looks really good, I can only buy one of the two? Which one would you recommend? (I play on the xbox 360)


  1. Wait until the games are out and look for reviews. I am personally not interested in the new tomb raider, as the voice actress annoys the * out of me and it looks like your standard 3rd person action game (uncharted, anything past dead space 2, gow, etc.). But I sure as hell not buying a game based off a tv show without seeing some reviews first. The Tomb Raider devs doesn’t really have a history with AAA titles, and this is one of their first big budget games. Obsidian, the stick of truth devs, did make Fallout: New Vegas, and Knights of the old Republic 2. Neither game is as good as their predecessors, but they are respectable games nonetheless.

    If you want a good game made by good developers that is almost guaranteed to be one of the best games ever based off of history, trailers, journalist previews, dev previews, etc. wait for Bioshock: Inifinite.

  2. Definitely consider Tomb Raider.

    Pre-ordering the game will guarantee you a copy of the game (plus additional content) the first day it comes out. I pre-ordered mine. and already have a poster of it. =] I can supply you a pic of it if interested.

    Also, I have been playing Tomb Raider since 1996, the first year the series was introduced. I grew right up with Lara Croft and continue to play each game as they come out (and I’m 23 years old). I find that the series is still very fresh, vibrant, challenging, exciting, and simply fun =].

    P.S. if you like music in a classical, undying and unforgettable genre. this is the game for you! =]

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