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Use PC headset for PS3? ( imaginary gift for who answers :P )?


So I wanna use my PC headset for my PS3 I already looked some videos online and I know way using converters but the problem is that that way requires the audio white jack which I don’t use because I use HDMI to connect my PS3 to my TV, I can handle the mic jack through a mic to usp converter but what about the audio ( what I’m trying to do : [url is not allowed] )? thx in advance

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  1. Unless your headset is made to work on a ps3 console it won’t give you game audio. normal pc headsets will give you only voice chat with a ps3.

    the only headsets made that will allow you to hear the game sounds are purpose built models made for the ps3 and supporting the ps3 software , turtle beach , tritton and Sony make ps3 stereo headsets.

    the turtle beach and tritton models require cables that conenct between the ps3 audio output and TV , the sony wireless one uses a usb connection.

    get yourself a ps3 headset and use the one you have now for gaming on your windows pc like it is designed for. if it’s made with windows drivers it won’t work on the ps3.

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