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Alright so I got a problem with my xbox live payment options?


I just recently got a credit card and registered it to my account as a payment option. The xbox is in my little brothers room and I dont exactly trust him to not use my card to buy points. Are there precautions that I can take from him using it like making it ask for a pin or passcode or somthing?

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  1. well yes you could sign out and also as an extra precaution make sure that auto sign in is not on because if it is when you turn on your xbox it will sign in to your account automatically and then your brother can get whatever he wants also you should be able to set a pass code. To set your pass code go to the dashboard then go to your profile and go to account management and then set xbox live pass code and it should prompt you to press a combo of buttons aka your password. once you put in your selected combo click ok and your set and then if im correct it should ask for your pass code when you try to buy something.

  2. What you should do is log out of your account every time you’re done playing on XBL.

    When I buy things from XBL, it doesn’t ask for a password or code or anything. All it asks is whether or not I want to buy it.

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